What do Security Management Specialists do?

Conduct security assessments for organizations, and design security systems and processes. May specialize in areas such as physical security, personnel security, and information security. May work in fields such as health care, banking, gaming, security engineering, or manufacturing.

  • Conduct security audits to identify potential problems related to physical security, staff safety, or asset protection.
  • Design or implement security systems, video surveillance, motion detection, or closed-circuit television systems to ensure proper installation and operation.
  • Design security policies, programs, or practices to ensure adequate security relating to issues such as protection of assets, alarm response, and access card use.
  • Develop or review specifications for design or construction of security systems.
  • Recommend improvements in security systems or procedures.
  • Engineer, install, maintain, or repair security systems, programmable logic controls, or other security-related electronic systems.
  • Inspect fire, intruder detection, or other security systems.
  • Inspect security design features, installations, or programs to ensure compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
  • Monitor the work of contractors in the design, construction, and startup phases of security systems.
  • Prepare, maintain, or update security procedures, security system drawings, or related documentation.
  • Respond to emergency situations on an on-call basis.
  • Train personnel in security procedures or use of security equipment.
  • Develop conceptual designs of security systems.
  • Budget and schedule security design work.
  • Interview witnesses or suspects to identify persons responsible for security breaches, establish losses, pursue prosecutions, or obtain restitution.
  • Monitor tapes or digital recordings to identify the source of losses.
  • Prepare documentation for case reports or court proceedings.
  • Review design drawings or technical documents for completeness, correctness, or appropriateness.

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